Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of Love.

Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of love.

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what you can look forward to…

You may recall that I’m currently attempting the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog (#31DBBB) over at blogfrog. Well, it’s Day 17 of the challenge, & I’m just starting on Challenge #7. Yea, I’m a bit behind. I’m hoping to get through Challenge #10 tonight, but I also have some web design stuff toContinue Reading

the catch up game & don’t worry about a thing.

…every little thing is gonna be alright. (Bob Marley, anyone?) Since I went on a mini vacation this week, I have a lot to catch up on for the #31DBBB challenge. However, before I move on to the next steps in that challenge, I think I may need to soften any concerns that might haveContinue Reading

making a statement.

I originally wanted this blog to be about how I am making work at home work, while also being a full-time mom and homemaker. And, I wanted to share what worked for me. You know, to help inspire other work at home moms, or those thinking about taking the leap to work from home. SinceContinue Reading

just relax already!

In the process of running my business from home, while tending to the kids & other housewife duties, I find myself out of time & stressed out more and more. So, I have been taking more time to do activities that help me relax & de-stress, while also trying to cut out activities that areContinue Reading

when work is busy, finding time to blog is hard.

On my “to do” list, I have writing a post here on my list. I’ve been sooo swamped with work for the past week or so. And I was all set to write a post on when your work becomes unenjoyable, but after spending two hours writing this post for my portfolio, I’m exhausted… ItContinue Reading

making a work at home mom workspace.

Whether you need a whole room for an office, you only need a drawer, or you’re somewhere┬áin-between, having all your business items in one place can be a time and sanity saver. For those of you that need a space somewhere in-between, or don’t have an extra room in your home, you might have toContinue Reading

overlapping content

There is a problem one runs into when she has a business blog and a personal blog [or even multiple blogs of any kind] – keeping the content separate at both blogs. Sometimes keeping the content separate is easy, other times there are posts that blend between the two. {This is also representative of myContinue Reading

wordless wednesday :: inspiring home offices

{la maison lafortune} {Kevin Deevey’s backyard studio} {apartment therapy} {treehugger} {work at home mum} {centsational girl} {color sizzle}Continue Reading

why it was quiet around here last week

A daily dose of sugar was pretty quiet last week. I was hard at work on the redesign of bellafaith design [my graphic & web design business], so every available minute went directly into it. However, the girls & I made three different types of cookies last week, so I have some new recipes toContinue Reading

OAMC ages like wine…

…it gets better with time. Okay so it’s more like you get better at OAMC with time. My first experience with OAMC, once a month cooking, was back at the end of October. It took all day for me to prepare 27 meals, but I learned a lot [like stuffing manicotti shells with a beefContinue Reading