Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of Love.

Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of love.

Monthly Archives: October 2012

Foot’s Asleep

{lululemon athletica} Yesterday, I was sitting on the love seat indian style with my laptop on my lap. My husband was sitting next to me and my mother-in-law was holding Princess on the sofa. Miss Boo was at school & the other kids were taking naps. Our doorbell rang & my husband got up to answerContinue Reading

Increasing Awareness for Neurofibromatosis

Six months ago, our then 2 year old was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis. I was confused, upset & didn’t want to talk to anyone other than my husband about it. Although my husband & I have tried to explain Neurofibromatosis to family members, some think they already know what it is (and confuse it with someContinue Reading

The Strange Man

Last weekend my mom took Miss Boo & Miss Cakes to the movie theater to see Brave. My mom told them to tell her if they saw any strange men. The movie went well, with no incidents of strange men. However, as they were driving through McDonald’s afterwards, Miss Cakes spotted one. “Grandma! Grandma! IContinue Reading


{Jo Naylor} Miss Boo excitedly ran into the house from the backyard. “Look! Look!!” she said, as she held out both hands to show us the treasures she had found. “Can I have a basket? Or a bag?” she asked. “I need to take these to school for my teacher.” To which my husband said,Continue Reading

Bruno Mars on SNL — Fave Skit

For some reason, this skit of Bruno Mars impersonating Michael Jackson, Green Day, Aerosmith + more on Saturday Night Live was cut from the episode posted on Hulu. So I’m glad I happened to come across it with some googling. Here you are for your viewing + listening entertainment:Continue Reading

She’s Here!

Our Little Dutch Girl is here! More details to come…Continue Reading


Well, the castor oil did not do the trick. It gave me strong contractions & kept me up all night long. I thought I was going to go to the hospital. However, the contractions were very irregular, so I laid back down at 5am, to get some sleep until they were closer together. I wokeContinue Reading