Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of Love.

Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of love.

we celebrated Easter at the zoo

Most Easter traditions include a large family feast. Growing up, that was my family’s tradition. This year, my husband & I took a break from that tradition. After Church, we took our kids to the Kansas City Zoo, and my parents drove down and went with us. There were a multitude of reasons for why we did this. We saved money [the zoo tickets were a gift from a client who had won an award for their web design]. Traveling with 3 young kids is really exhausting and as a result, my husband & I miss out on the true joy of the holiday. And we really want Christmas and Easter to be the two biggest holidays in our children’s lives. So we celebrated by going to see God’s amazing animals!

Our two-year-old loves it when my husband makes his elephant noise & will imitate his “fant” [as she calls elephants]. Here’s a video of her at the zoo doing her elephant imitation while we observe God’s big, wrinkly, majestic creatures:

We took a break at the Chimp viewing area for Lil’ Man to take a bottle and let the girls run around a bit. We were in there long enough that we actually saw some Chimpanzees climbing trees and moving around [their 'cage' is so big that when we went last year we didn't get to see any]. The Chimps apparently had an Easter egg hunt earlier that day, as there were some empty plastic eggs in their cage. All of us [including my parents] had a lot of fun with our zoo trip. And thankfully, the weather was nice the whole time we were there [however it rained and hailed at our house which is about 20 miles north of the zoo]. And I’m very thankful that my mom took so many pictures and videos, because this is the closest thing we have to a current family photo:

Here all five of us are looking at the lions (with some guy's finger in the background).

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