Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of Love.

Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of love.

baby steps to an organized home

I am making slow, but steady, progress on my way to having a more organized home. You see, I’m a clutter-prone, kleptomaniac. I have this “gift” of finding nostalgic value in almost anything. And my husband has the tendency to do the same. As a result, we have stacks of old birthday cards, Christmas cards, wedding cards & baby cards [I found one birthday card that still had a $10 check from my grandparents that was 5 years old]. And that’s just one thing we have a lot of around here. Now, I did go through the Christmas cards & recycled most of them [kept the ones with photos]. [Although then I read that you can reuse the Christmas cards by cutting gift tags out of the pretty covers - so there's one way I won't be saving money]

I had a ziplock bag full of school photos, a compilation of several years [had because my girls went through it & sprinkled old school photos around the house, so I tossed out the ones that I wasn't good friends with]. We recently went through our bookshelf for books to give/sell. So far, only one has sold on eBay [which is probably not the best place to sell books]. So see? I’m making some progress.

However, there’s still a long way to go. I’m focusing on our main floor first [our home is a ranch with a full, unfinished basement], as that’s where we spend 95% of our time right now. But when I’m satisfied with our main living areas, I’ll move on to clearing out the basement. Because here’s what we have in the basement:

  • Eight tubs [yes eight] of clothes downstairs that we can give/sell [four tubs are my pre-pregnancy clothes, so I'm still hoping that I can eventually fit into some of them again, but I don't need FOUR tubs of clothes].
  • A few tubs of clothes that we’re holding until my niece is old enough to wear them.
  • A couple tubs of clothes that we were given and didn’t use.
  • A couple tubs of clothes for my oldest to wear in a year.
  • At least a couple trash bags full of toys that my husband packed up throughout last year.
  • A few boxes of childrens’ books [again that my husband boxed up over the course of last year].
  • A whole set of Encyclopedias in a box [we never unpacked them when we moved into our home - didn't have a place for them].
  • A couple boxes of stuff that we never unpacked when we moved.
  • All the parts to a twin-sized bed.
  • Our old washing machine [we inherited a new one when my brother-in-law moved to Colorado last year].

But you know what’s not in the basement? Laundry!! I’m finally caught up on laundry. Ok, well almost. After I fold this pile of laundry today:

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  2. Lisa says:

    Good luck with the organizing. I have the spring cleaning bug lately. I can’t seem to make up my mind HOW to oranize, too many cute baskets and ideas!
    For your pictures not in albums, try a creative memories consultant. They have great photo storage boxes.
    Happy Spring! Lisa

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