Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of Love.

Five Kids in Six Years, No Multiples. Our House is Always Crazy, Rarely Quiet, and Full of love.

a historical bridal fashion show to remember.

The Historical Society in my hometown was hosting a tea & historical bridal show, where they were featuring bridal dresses throughout the decades. My aunt asked if the girls would like to wear the flower girl dresses from her wedding. I’m thinking we’ll be sitting down at tables & they’re just going to wear the dresses while we’re there. Meanwhile, they’ll have a fashion show where highschool/college girls will parade across the room wearing the historical dresses. Right? Wrong!

The ladies wearing the wedding dresses would come up an elevator and then stand to the side of the room for 45 minutes, while the whole history of bridal dresses & weddings would be read. Then, they’ll march each dress across, with a description about the dress & its history. AND if the woman who wore the dress is there, she’ll get up to tell her story, too. The seating was rows of chairs, no tables, with a tempting table of wedding cake, cookies & punch over to the side. And my two & three year old daughters are supposed to stand quietly through all this? Ha!

[Did I mention that I was told on Saturday that my daughters were the only little girls in it {meaning younger than 16?}?] I held Miss Cakes [2-yr-old] in the back by the door, while Miss Boo [3-yr-old] did stand over with the girl wearing my aunt’s wedding dress…. until she started looking for Grandma. Well, she found my aunt… who found my mom & Miss Boo finally ended up with Grandma. But she didn’t want to sit, so my mom took her outside, which made Miss Cakes want to go outside. We ended up spending 95% of the “fashion show” outside. I’m sure the history & stories were interesting, but not with a 2 & 3 year old. What we all assumed [and were told] would only take 45 minutes, took almost 2 hours.

My girls standing outside the historical museum in my hometown. Miss Cakes {the younger, shorter one} is wearing the flower girl dress I wore in my aunt's wedding.

However, there were two men standing inside the door [yes, the only 2 there that day], and they told us when the actual fashion show part started. So, we kept checking through the door & went in for my aunt’s dress. Miss Boo was all about going up front then. [And my aunt pulled me forward, of course, and told everyone that I actually wore one of the flower girl dresses in her wedding, although I wouldn't go down the aisle - everyone found that real funny, and I'm sure my face turned a nice shade of red].

Miss Boo standing next to the girl wearing my aunt's wedding dress {circa 1986}. She was lovin' the spotlight!

My aunt’s narrative about how she picked her wedding dress [she fell in love with it from a bridal magazine & even slept with the mag], how much her wedding day meant to her, and even the special place her dress still has in her heart [even though her marriage ended after 17 years] was very moving. In fact, just that part alone, made the whole exhausting afternoon worth it. Even when I had to carry a screaming Miss Boo out of the building afterwards… You see, she had so much fun standing in front of everybody, that she wanted to stand there for the remainder of the fashion show!

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